Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A New Beginning

I have just moved in to the refurbished studios at King St in Glasgow and work has begun

I am currently printmaking without a press until mine arrives hopefully within the next few weeks.

So it's embossing with a scrubbing brush which has produced some interesting results:

Friday, 15 July 2011

Bear With Me

I have been away..I am back...and I just have a couple more items to post which are back dated and then I will be up to date

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer 2010

Residency with Black Swan Dance Theatre

Emma Park is the founder of the Black Swan Dance Theatre and I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the group in May 2010.  For a week they worked on a dance piece based on Chaos Theory.  Tucked in the corner of the dance studio my work was a visual 2 dimensional response to the movements of the dance.

 The weeks work

I have started to manipulate the drawings, combining photographs of the dancers within the drawing surface.  These images are being made into a film using words as spoken by the dancers and the music being danced to

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spring 2010

Paris in the Spring

An invitation to exhibit with Graver Maintenant from
Denise Pelletier, Engramme, Quebec City

Graver Maintenant is a printmaking organisation in France who exhibit in the Espace Renoir Gallery

26th Salon de L'Estampe Contemporaine, 11th March to 15th April 2010

The Space

Denise Pelletier from Quebec, Sue Corr and Isabel Mouttet from France

Work in the Show

'Charlotte 1' 
Etching, Relief 20 x 15cm

'Charlotte 2' 
Etching, Relief 20 x 15cm

'Charlotte 3' 
Etching, Relief 20 x 15cm

'Feminine 7' 'Charlotte 4' 
Etching, Relief 13.5 x 14.5 cm

If you don't speak french just google Graver Maintenant and click translate this page on their site
'Tunnocked' @ Glasgow Print Gallery

1st - 11th April 2010

An exhibition to celebrate Tunnocks 120th Anniversary 

my contribution

'Tunnock Vision' 2010
Digital Print on Somerset Paper

Winter 2009/10

Visiting Artist at Glasgow Print Studio January/February 2010

Graver Maintenant, Salon de L'estampe 2010

The start of the new year sees me working at Glasgow Print Studio again, I am now a fully fledged memeber.  Having been invited to show four prints in the Graver Maintenant, Salon de l'estampe 2010 in Paris this spring.  I am busy etching.

Collaboration with the Black Swan Dance Company

When my work is complete for Paris I will be working with Emma Parks dance group drawing at their rehearsals.