Friday, 19 December 2014

Embossment Test

I was disappointed with this woodcut....that's what happens when you are restricted by outside forces and not free to rome as it were but I enjoyed bashing out this embossment print with a scrubbing brush, giving me food for thought

Studio wall filling up

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Photopolymer Printmaking

Printing at the Highland print centre this weekend making a photopolymer print in weekend workshop.  First test print taken from one of the cyanotype seaweed prints

 section test print of image below

Friday, 12 December 2014


Ok lovely visitors.....After a bit of research I have now hopefully  made it easier for you all to comment on my blog.  And thank you to Jacqui for directing me to the appropriate information.  It would be lovely to hear from you.  Big thank you to Olga and Gill for managing to break through the google barriers, haven't a clue how you did that.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

thank you

Thank you Olga and Gill for your lovely comments....For some bizarre reason I don't seem able to post/reply in the comments box...I am looking in to it...

and finally today

a wet one, just a corner detail as it's taped to a desk and I can't get up high enough to capture the whole piece


I have just been chatting to the Arts Development manager Caroline Hewat here at Cromarty Arst Trust where I am working about connections and how the work I am making now relates to my past work.  I always get excited when things start connecting because its then that I feel things are working and I am in tune as it were. 

When I sadly left my studio in Glasgow I knew I wanted to connect with and make work about being outside.  One of my key words was Wild.  Well it is certainly wild at the moment, its raining and the wind speed has been 56 mph.  And this mornings work has connected with wildness.  The drawings are fabulous, I am really happy with the results.  So there is the physical connectedness with the weather. 

I have been thinking about the process of creating my early dance drawings.  They are about capturing a moment in time, a moment of movement that the dancer made and I connected with.  They are about mark making and sensitivity. 

And so I see within these seaweed wind drawings the same connectedness of a movement in time and capturing a moment.  The mark making is according to the winds sensitivity, the weight of the sea weed and the angle of the pen.

First one today

9.30-12.00 hrs 22-46 mph SW

Windy oh yeah

Well I am excited this morning is getting ever so windy and the pens are furious (that's just made me think of Joan as police woman's song ....)...the A3 is not big enough so I have set up another one with snowdon paper.  It's quite interesting seeing how I am getting different results from each piece of seaweed.  I need to study and analyse this.  Question is do I want some control or not.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Charcoal and Seaweed

So I am now testing charcoal with surprising delicate and fragile, just love it

10-22MPH 11.15-12.07 hrs with charcoal

Beautiful Seaweed Drawings

Well, I have been looking at my statistics and I seem to have some followers in Russia, Ukraine and Sweden...I would love to hear from you guys.....I have had thousands of views on this blog but not many people leave would be so good to hear from people.

So....I am really getting into these drawings and beginning to notice connections with previous work...which to me is always a good sign for I feel like when that happens you must be on track....getting in the groove as it were.

the first two images are gel pen drawings from earlier in the week....I am struggling with light here to get good photos so bear with me on this issue

 Westerly wind, 9 to 22 MPH 11.26-13.25 hrs

Westerly wind 12-25MPH 13.30 hrs approx 2hours