Saturday, 6 December 2014

Beautiful Seaweed Drawings

Well, I have been looking at my statistics and I seem to have some followers in Russia, Ukraine and Sweden...I would love to hear from you guys.....I have had thousands of views on this blog but not many people leave would be so good to hear from people.

So....I am really getting into these drawings and beginning to notice connections with previous work...which to me is always a good sign for I feel like when that happens you must be on track....getting in the groove as it were.

the first two images are gel pen drawings from earlier in the week....I am struggling with light here to get good photos so bear with me on this issue

 Westerly wind, 9 to 22 MPH 11.26-13.25 hrs

Westerly wind 12-25MPH 13.30 hrs approx 2hours

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gillian neish said...

I am loving that you are recording the wind directions and speeds Sue. Hope you are loving our Cromerty and are well stocked up in case of snow :D