Monday, 27 May 2013

BCF Books

I am excited to say I am going to be published in a book promoting British Artists Books at the end of the Snow Book is going to be the proud entry......

Friday, 24 May 2013

Unravelling Signatures

Working at Last.....Studio still in chaos...especially the press printing area but here is a progress report on my latest project "Unravelling Signatures" an altered book project that will go on exhibition at the IMPACT 8 conference in Dundee.

It is an interesting challenge to make a book, publish it and then try and alter it in some way.  And it is a bit chicken and egg syndrome what comes just make the book and think about the alteration after publication or try and alter the dummy in some way to forsee any problems that might arise....

So....I have collated all my images now....I am satisfied that they are a coherent gathering that flows and I have enjoyed the process immensely.  I am now embarked on a journey of research regarding the shadow, wonderful.  And as you can see from the images I have altered my title, "Shadow Boundaries".  I love it when things link up....In the past I have taken lots of photos of shadows and not really connected with it until now and I have also suddenly remembered the only poem I learnt by heart as a child: My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson.  And of course researching Carl Jung's  construct of the shadow which is opening up lots of possibilities.

 The Dummy Cover

I am just trying to work out now if there should be some blank pages scattered throughout the published to book to add bits on to or cut bits out.....I am thinking perhaps that I want to somehow create shadows with the book itself.  All a bit of a learning curve as I am new to altered books.