Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Book Collaboration

We have now all finished our page for the book.......

my page.....

and now we have almost decided on the binding, just waiting for Quebec now to have confirmation.  It is exciting, I would have never made this using the subject/object matter we have worked with and it has expanded my thinking somewhat.

Hopefully have some images of final book to show by the weekend

20 x 20

My piece for the 20 x 20 project run by Hot Bed Press...(finally got a bit of cloudless sky and light to take photos)

Breath' 2012  20 x 20cm screenprint and pochoir

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cast Objects Revealed

Spanner found
Objects revealed, I now have to work out how close I can get to trim the edges without them falling open at the seams.  And hope that Father Christmas sorts out my lens situation for me.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Paper Pulp Casting

All is revealed, well nearly all......

Here is the paper pulp glove...apologies for the weird pink and green glow to this image, I tried it in grey scale and felt it did not has been raining for ever here in Glasgow so the light has been really bad for taking photos.

and here are the pebbles in pulp.....more tinges of pink and green.......I will replace photos if the weather ever finally stops raining.

I now need a spanner to open the solid pulp this space!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Watching Paint Dry!!!

Over one week down the line and the moulds are no where near dry...this is not a process for the impatient!

Bookmaking, Playing and Construction

After demonstrating lots of basic skills and a few need to know points like paper grain direction everyone created some wonderful experimental small books.

Inspired by the artist Jenny Smith I have been making 30 minute books as part of my practice. We decided to incorporate this within the workshop.  Although this was initially met with some protest of pressure I explained that this was like a mini deadline and the pressure encourages a dive into creation and an immediate engagement with process and materials that blocks out too much thinking.

The work is continuing with our book collaboration and I am amazed, given our non inspiring (to us) objects, at the prints we have created from a spoon and a glove.  We have designed the cover for the book which will flip open, to reveal an image of the two objects that have inspired the contents.  

Madeleines' print evolved through consideration of the absence of the objects

Moira embossed and monoprinted the objects, still work in progress....

And I have been busy with the cover images ...more photos to follow

We are now in the process of creating the cover and spine and hopefully will get most of it finished before Madeleines' return to Quebec