Thursday, 20 December 2012

The 30 Minute Book 

That took all morning!  I just got carried away

So I started off with a piece of buff card from packaging and stitched in paper from the inside of envelopes and cartridge paper

Having already glued some black fabric to the cover


And finally added an embossed wrap.....amazing, I just held the damp somerset paper over a plastic alphabet letter stencil and forced the paper to emboss with my fingers and then gently with the end of a rounded paintbrush.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Book Collaboration

We have now all finished our page for the book.......

my page.....

and now we have almost decided on the binding, just waiting for Quebec now to have confirmation.  It is exciting, I would have never made this using the subject/object matter we have worked with and it has expanded my thinking somewhat.

Hopefully have some images of final book to show by the weekend

20 x 20

My piece for the 20 x 20 project run by Hot Bed Press...(finally got a bit of cloudless sky and light to take photos)

Breath' 2012  20 x 20cm screenprint and pochoir

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cast Objects Revealed

Spanner found
Objects revealed, I now have to work out how close I can get to trim the edges without them falling open at the seams.  And hope that Father Christmas sorts out my lens situation for me.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Paper Pulp Casting

All is revealed, well nearly all......

Here is the paper pulp glove...apologies for the weird pink and green glow to this image, I tried it in grey scale and felt it did not has been raining for ever here in Glasgow so the light has been really bad for taking photos.

and here are the pebbles in pulp.....more tinges of pink and green.......I will replace photos if the weather ever finally stops raining.

I now need a spanner to open the solid pulp this space!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Watching Paint Dry!!!

Over one week down the line and the moulds are no where near dry...this is not a process for the impatient!

Bookmaking, Playing and Construction

After demonstrating lots of basic skills and a few need to know points like paper grain direction everyone created some wonderful experimental small books.

Inspired by the artist Jenny Smith I have been making 30 minute books as part of my practice. We decided to incorporate this within the workshop.  Although this was initially met with some protest of pressure I explained that this was like a mini deadline and the pressure encourages a dive into creation and an immediate engagement with process and materials that blocks out too much thinking.

The work is continuing with our book collaboration and I am amazed, given our non inspiring (to us) objects, at the prints we have created from a spoon and a glove.  We have designed the cover for the book which will flip open, to reveal an image of the two objects that have inspired the contents.  

Madeleines' print evolved through consideration of the absence of the objects

Moira embossed and monoprinted the objects, still work in progress....

And I have been busy with the cover images ...more photos to follow

We are now in the process of creating the cover and spine and hopefully will get most of it finished before Madeleines' return to Quebec

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Madeleine and I have just completed facilitating our first polyester lithographic workshop together.  This was an introduction to the wonderful world of lithography without stones.  You can even print the plates without a press using a baren or spoon.  Everyone enjoyed the immediacy of this direct process.. 


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paper Casting with Master Paper Maker Alison Newman

Two days later and we have moulded cotton linters pulp into our casts.  Madeleines box plaster cast was a huge challenge to open but we all took part in its separation and eventually prised it apart.  We spent the whole day tapping, slapping and sponging and now have to wait one or two weeks for the moulds and paper to thoroughly dry out before we see the results.  

opening the box mould

 the box mould still refusing to open

 the box mould open

A sheet of pulp teased into shape ready to lay in the mould

The pulp has been pressed into each of these moulds and is now ready to be bolted together to create the final object

 The six stone mould covered with pulp which now has to be gently pressed into the cavities

 This is now complete and ready to be left to dry

 The object moulds all bolted together for fusing.  All we have to do now is wait!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mould Making with Master Caster Stephanie Spindler

Casting stones, shells and boxes in plaster at Pulp Studios run by Alison Newman.

Madeleine wanted to learn paper casting to develop and extend her practice within book making, including objects and moulded boxes.  For myself the challenge is to find ways of taking my practice outside in nature and I see the paper casting process has great potential for this

So now the plaster casts are ready for us to use  tomorrow, I love the cast of the six stones above and can't wait to see what the sheet of paper moulded in this will look like.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Great Collision ...Quebec and Glasgow UK 

It is an exciting time for me I am collaborating with the wonderful visual artist Madeleine Samson from Quebec City.  She is here staying with me for 5 weeks.  We are now in our 4th week and we have been gathering source material from the beach at Dunure and Glasgow city in order to create some artists books and making small maquettes for our books


We have been taking raw image photographs using Madeleine’s close up lens on her Nikon camera which unfortunately my Mac does not have the software to recognise … so whilst we sort out that hitch I will carry on regardless.

We spent last week in Wales continuing our search for imagery on Conwy Morfa and West shore Llanduno and the amazingly spooky quarry at Nantlle in Snowdonia.  The car was full to the brim on our return to Glasgow

The quarry at Nantlle

We now have a very full two weeks work ahead.  Yesterday we started a book collaboration with another Glasgow artist, Moira Buchanan.  So far it has been a very democratic experience.  We decided as time was precious that we would choose objects in my studio as a starting point and inspiration for our book. 

We all agreed that we needed to work outside our comfort zone to make it a challenging experience.  So we each selected two objects, one that we would naturally been drawn to work with and one that we would not dream of working with. 

We narrowed down the choice with a vote of 1st 2nd and 3rd choice and ended up with this. 

 Although we took it very seriously I have to say that this was quite an hilarious part of the process.  We have ended up with two items that we all find extremely challenging to work with and is really going to push the boundaries.


 In between all this we managed to visit the exhibition 'The First Cut' at Manchester City Art Gallery, what a fabulous show of international work

Nicola Dale's work

We were at Manchester Artists Book Fair and the conference, Collaboration and the Democracy of Bookarts