Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paper Casting with Master Paper Maker Alison Newman

Two days later and we have moulded cotton linters pulp into our casts.  Madeleines box plaster cast was a huge challenge to open but we all took part in its separation and eventually prised it apart.  We spent the whole day tapping, slapping and sponging and now have to wait one or two weeks for the moulds and paper to thoroughly dry out before we see the results.  

opening the box mould

 the box mould still refusing to open

 the box mould open

A sheet of pulp teased into shape ready to lay in the mould

The pulp has been pressed into each of these moulds and is now ready to be bolted together to create the final object

 The six stone mould covered with pulp which now has to be gently pressed into the cavities

 This is now complete and ready to be left to dry

 The object moulds all bolted together for fusing.  All we have to do now is wait!

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perisandcorr said...

Loving the paper casting!