Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I have just been chatting to the Arts Development manager Caroline Hewat here at Cromarty Arst Trust where I am working about connections and how the work I am making now relates to my past work.  I always get excited when things start connecting because its then that I feel things are working and I am in tune as it were. 

When I sadly left my studio in Glasgow I knew I wanted to connect with and make work about being outside.  One of my key words was Wild.  Well it is certainly wild at the moment, its raining and the wind speed has been 56 mph.  And this mornings work has connected with wildness.  The drawings are fabulous, I am really happy with the results.  So there is the physical connectedness with the weather. 

I have been thinking about the process of creating my early dance drawings.  They are about capturing a moment in time, a moment of movement that the dancer made and I connected with.  They are about mark making and sensitivity. 

And so I see within these seaweed wind drawings the same connectedness of a movement in time and capturing a moment.  The mark making is according to the winds sensitivity, the weight of the sea weed and the angle of the pen.

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