Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cromarty Arts Trust Residency, the first week

at the Stables, 
Cromarty Arts Trust, 
I will find out who the artist is

Well Sunday was dolphin day, three of them swimming towards the ocean down the Cromarty Firth.  I always get ecstatic when I see dolphins.  So far there have been seals, whisky and log fires, dancing at a ceilidh, tremendous winds, a climb (well walk) up the South Sutor of Cromarty  and a repaired/updated oil rig being towed back out to sea ...this was quite spectacular.

And then I discovered this

Later on in the evening I was informed that it had been left outside for a while and accidently killed someone I said I didn't want use it (I'm not sure of the whole story but I think it fell on said person)....but it has been used since, anyway I might attempt to get it going (watching my back at the same time!)

Having spent the first part of the week tidying up a few loose ends, collating images for a photographic group exhibition, 'Babel' later this year in Columbia and updating stuff, I am now working on a beach findings collection.

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